Our Reusable Container Deposits

We at Big Spoon have invested in glass containers (pint and quart size only) to give you the option of ordering many of our items in reusable containers. Here’s how it works:

Bring in a one time cash deposit - we will hold on to this as a commitment on your part to return the containers as you order with us. If you decide you no longer want this option when ordering we will return the deposit once all containers are returned.

$10 deposit - you order a couple items each time (1-2 glass containers out at one time)
$20 deposit - you place larger orders (3+ glass containers out at one time)

1. When there is a container option for an item, select: Glass [requires cash deposit]
2. Clean containers are returned whenever you pickup another order
3. We will keep track of how many go out and how many come back