Reviews straight from the mouths of all the wonderful people we feed each week:

"We love ordering weekly from you since in my 75th year of life and 52nd year of marriage, I've run out of steam--planning, shopping and making daily meals.  Even when we were vacationing in Greece, I was thinking that you would be willing to make some Greek dishes when we got back. Voila! The Greek pastitsio with beef was really tasty and later tonight we'll enjoy the rolled baklava. Thank you, thank you for making our lives easier, healthier and tastier!"
-Mindy and Paul

"I love the Big Spoon Kitchen and look forward to the menu each week!  After working all day the last thing I want to do is cook or try an figure out what to cook.  BSK makes the end of the day a breeze, knowing the food is there and just needs to be warmed. Everything is yummy too! Thank you BSK!"

 "I saw you were collecting stories from your customers and I haven’t been a customer for long, but I can tell you what I appreciate about your food and service. I appreciate that you support local farmers and that you offer different dietary options. What I really like about the food you make is that it is what I would like to make if I had the time. I might have time in my week to prepare one or two large meals similar to yours that will leave me with leftovers, but with your food as well, I can have more variety. We can all make bad food choices when we get home from a long day of work and don’t want to cook for a half hour or hour to prepare something delicious and good for us. Just last night as I was driving home, I started to get that weary feeling of not wanting to prepare dinner when I remembered that I had leftover hot and sour turkey soup from Big Spoon in the fridge. . . and I got excited about dinner."


"For the past year I drove past the sign with the big spoon and wondered what it was all about until I saw an ad about a month ago. I am so glad that I have finally found the secret. I have gotten meals every week since then and it is great to get hearty, locally sourced meals made with caring hands. Every week there too many delicious sounding choices and everything that I have tried has been wonderful. Last night I came home on a cold snowy night a warmed up a stunning bowl of rich turkey soup for dinner, it was heaven."

"I keep ordering at BigSpoonPotsdam.com because the food is GREAT!  I am a busy full time teacher and coach and being able to order and pick up  home cooked meals that use mostly local produce and meat is awesome. I have not been disappointed with anything I have ordered from Big Spoon and I have ordered  A LOT! I love that now they have glass, reusable containers that help keep our environment healthy too. Willie, Rosie and family are incredibly thoughtful people and I love knowing them and loving them.
Thank you for doing what you love to do and helping make my life easier, healthier and delicious!"


"At first I tried it because we try to patronize and support local initiatives. It took a couple of weeks to see how wonderful the food was. I am a pretty good cook myself, - not that I cook much complicated dishes but I do care about eating healthy, tasty, and varied. That’s exactly what they do: excellent ingredients, sensible cooking, variety and added convenience. I have a very busy job and I have replaced the frozen items I often used as shortcuts by buying at the Big Spoon Kitchen. The weeks when I know I’ll be busier I buy more items, others I buy less. It gives me a tremendous freedom to know I can eat healthy and delicious, in the half an hour the dish is in the oven I make a fresh salad, boil some potatoes, or fix up a quinoa. With a little organization I am buying less in the supermarket and having less stress in the evenings. An extra jar of soup is always wonderful for lunch on Saturday! Big Spoon Kitchen food is hearty, direct, you always know exactly what you’re eating, and their facilities are always clean and pristine: I trust them. Which dishes are my favorites? The beef stews, the enchiladas, the lentil casseroles, the curries, and of course the empanadas! Again, their soups are delicious, - potatoes, borscht, leeks, carrot - and those extra things as the salsas or muffins Oh my!"

"I'm so thankful for Big Spoon Kitchen. As a busy, working mother of two growing boys, ages 6 & 9, I don't always have energy or even the time to come home from work and cook a healthy dinner. I'm also not the most creative person in the kitchen and adding to the struggle, my youngest is a pretty picky eater. Big Spoon offers a little something for everyone and that includes me and my family! My kids have loved almost everything we've purchased, and I've even been able to sneak in some vegetables they'd never willingly put i their mouths, via things like the "Sneaky Mac & Cheese". As a somewhat picky eater myself, I've also developed a love for things I never used to eat, like various kinds of winter squash. Big Spoon is like healthy take-out; two things you don't usually say in the same sentence. It's like a home-cooked meal without any effort. If you haven't tried anything from Big Spoon yet, and you're a busy mom like me or just want a break from the kitchen, order a meal to go! You won't regret it!"

"Great tasting food, using locally sourced veggies and meat. A night off from cooking, since we rarely go out to eat. An opportunity to catch up with Rosie, Will and Steve, and sometimes a peek at baby Alice. Chance encounters with other friends. We appreciate you all!"


"It's so nice to have a quick meal ready to go.  I like trying things that I have never made before!  Thanks Big Spoon!"


"Big Spoon has made a big difference in my life since it opened a year ago.  I have had delicious, nutritious meals with abundant variety. And no planning, shopping and cooking!  I love this place!"


"I’m a regular Big Spoon customer for many reasons.  Everything about Big Spoon is local – it’s North Country people running a North Country business using North Country ingredients.  The whole process of ordering online and picking up food is super convenient. Most importantly, the service is fantastic! There’s always a mix of dishes that are completely new to me, alongside familiar options that make their way to the menu (and my order) on a regular basis.  Big Spoon Kitchen is a local treasure, and I’m really happy to have them feed us every week."


"I’ve worked with Big Spoon Kitchen in quite a few capacities: catering (a joy to work with and a pleasure to experience), Dinner in a Bag at the Potsdam Food Co-op (clear directions, great recipes, and fantastic results), and individual meals picked up at the kitchen, where the atmosphere is cozy and calm, and the prepared foods a delight. I especially enjoy the vegan options (thank you!) and knowing I can plan my week with some Big Spoon meals tucked in with my own cooking. My favorite Potsdam neighbors!"


"We enjoy Big Spoon's food frequently. I have food allergies and appreciate their careful ingredients listing. The food is fresh, local, delicious  and we enjoy the imaginative, changing menu. Also, we applaud the use of returnable, glass containers and earlier reuse of containers, a change from our throw away culture.
Big Spoon is immaculate and the wait is quite short. We have never had an incorrect order."
-Sally and Jim