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Posted by Steve Greco on

     As an environmentally conscious business, we here at Big Spoon Kitchen try our best to embrace reducing, reusing, and recycling. While the containers we use are fully recyclable and reusable, they have their limits. We've been looking for ways to move towards a more environmentally sustainable packaging system and believe we have found it! We've recently acquired a number of microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe pyrex containers that we will begin to circulate this week! These containers are durable and have snap on lids, making them leak proof, and we hope to phase them in throughout the fall. To insure that we can continue to supply all those who wish to use these new containers, we will be holding a $5 deposit per container, collected at pickup and payable by cash or check. We do appreciate all of our patrons who wash and return our current containers and everyone else who recycles them, and hope some of you will make the switch to our pyrex.

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