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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

-Benjamin Franklin
American Scientist, Author, Politician, and one of the Founding Fathers

     As many of you have experienced first hand, Big Spoon Kitchen loves to instruct all types of cooking classes right here at our building in Potsdam. Since our break in August, we know we haven't had many classes posted. Back when we were scheduling classes previously, we had some issues where we would only have 1 person sign up for a scheduled class, and while we love to cook and teach, we have had to reschedule classes in efforts to have a reasonable number of people present. We have posted classes that people requested but scheduling conflicts keep them from attending.

     Because of these reasons, we'll be moving to a new system for our cooking class scheduling. Instead of us choosing when and what type of class is scheduled, we'll be taking requests and "reservations" from interested folks. We'll list the different classes we offer on our classes page. If you see one that you and at least one friend or family member would like to take, contact us with your availability and we'll post the class on our site, with your spots reserved, so others can sign up as well. Interested in a private class? We'll offer these too for groups ranging from 6-12 people. Is there an idea for a class or something that you want to learn how to do? Let us know!

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